Pitch Video


For this pitch video, I used the interview questions as part of the dialogue and BTS’ Butterfly instrumental as music. I didn’t know what pictures to add in and make it seem animated so I added some effects. I also took some videos of streets and walking to give a feeling of loneliness.



bus verbal – Scene of when main character is on the bus and gets verbally abused by people around her.
school physical – scene of when main character was eating alone when she was physically attacked by a bully.
cyber – cyber bullying consists of messages on different platforms where victim is constantly being harassed. 

These images were drawn in three different scenes of different bullying issues.



1. Have you ever been bullied before and what was it like?
2. DId you ever got to someone for help or had anyone help or stood up for you?

3. Did your teachers do anything to prevent it?
4. If you were bullied, do you think you have long term effects from it?
5. What do you think America should do to prevent bullying?

Audio Voiceover


“You’re ugly, you don’t belong here!” How do you feel about that? It hurts, right? This is a form of verbal bullying. In America, bullying has yet to be extinct in society. It stems from the people’s  idea of beauty standard. If you do not belong within the standard then you will be the target of bullying. The term bullying should not be taken lightly, it comes in all forms: Verbal, physical, cyber and even ostracizing. People do not realize how bullying affects a victim in the long run. It causes depression, eating disorders, social anxieties, and low-esteem. Worse of all, it may end up in suicide if bullying pushes the limit of the victim. You don’t want to end up becoming an indirect murderer.It doesn’t help the fact that bullying starts in elementary school where kids do  not know any better. What if they were not educated by their parents and ended up bullying a disabled person? Is this right to you? Parents are not the only one who should get involved, teachers as well. All adults should teach kids and teenagers what is right from wrong. Do not just stand there let bullying happen, you’re no different from a bully if you’re just a bystander.

Voiceover by Alanna Li
Written narration by Melissa Tang


Pictures I will or is using:

This is a picture I found on google. One of the reasons why I chosed this picture was because of her expressions. The way she stared into the distance, with her sad expressions speaks out to me. In a way, it connects to me as victim.
These pictures represent the places where bullying often begins from a young age surrounded by judgmental students   b.

Teachers are not helpful in these situations. They can’t even help victims make a change.

The results of bullying ends with mental and emotional suffering. It feels like no one understands you at all. You would ostrcized by your peers and alone in this world.
751Without the help of others, how are those who feel alone in this world are able to get out of this endless cycle?



Many people do not realize that bullying is not all about physical attacks. It can be verbal, cyber, and ostracizing. According to the site CDC in the thread, “Bullying” it stated  that “Bullying includes threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically and verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.” The thread also included that the damaging effects do not end with the victims, it can also effect their families, friends, and (possibly) neighbors. (CDC). It can occur anywhere including cyber bullying (CDC).
According to the government website organization, Stop Bullying, stated that victims may develop “Depression and anxiety, increased feelings of sadness and loneliness, changes in sleep and eating patterns, and loss of interest activities they used to enjoy. These issues may persist into adulthood.” The organization also mentions that victims’ grades can decrease and are more likely to skip or drop out of school (StopBullying).


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